All of our translators have exceptional passion for the languages they work with. Our aim is to unite professional translators, enabling them to work and develop their skills as well as to support and learn from one another.

Our main office: Poland, Krakow
Position: mainly freelance, some in-house positions are available
Languages: English, French, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Mongolian and Latvian into Polish
Main responsibilities:
  • Linguistic background with no less than 4 years of continuous experience in translations
  • Existence of no more than 2 main working specializations
  • Retaining and developing specific knowledge in your areas of translation
  • Accurate translation of foreign-language documents
  • Ensuring the translation you send us is proofread and edited by you
  • Availability for any kind of review after finishing the work; service-minded approach towards VEROLING
  • Adherence to VEROLING General Guidelines (provided upon receiving the confirmation as an approved freelance linguist in our system)
  • Consulting with experts in your specialized area of translation
  • Willingness to prove your experience by passing VEROLING evaluation procedures
  • Opportunity to work for a dynamic and creative company
  • Friendly and supportive managers from the Production Department
  • Opportunities for career growth thanks to the VEROLING review system and QA management
  • CAT tools training and learning opportunities are available
  • Interesting projects offered tailored to your areas of expertise, experience and availability
  • Respect and appreciation for the work you do
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